Plan Your Possibilities

Financial planning is a foundational principle of sound financial management. It is a dynamic and highly personalized process that adapts and adjusts with you over time. Financial planning connects all the components of your financial life and acts as a roadmap to ensure your short and long-term goals are met. At Fedway Financial, our job is to simplify and prioritize the plan into actionable steps that can be implemented both immediately and over time.

What We Offer

Vision & Goal Setting

Create a vision of your ideal lifestyle and establish SMART goals to inform your decision-making.

Cash Flow Planning

Develop a spending plan that allows you to enjoy life today while saving for unexpected and future events.

Credit & Debt Management

Build a game plan to increase your credit score, resolve credit deficiencies, and reduce debt.

Insurance & Risk Analysis

Safeguard your family, income, and assets against the risk of loss, damage, accidents, and illness.

Employee Benefit Planning

Select and utilize the benefits and coverage that are most appropriate for you and your family.

Education Planning

Invest in the next generation by preparing and saving for the rising costs in education.

Retirement Planning

Grow and preserve your money and ensure your sources of income will meet your long-term needs.

Life Transition Planning

Manage major life events like becoming married, having a child, buying a house or getting divorced.

Investment Strategy

Construct a diversified investment portfolio that aligns with your objectives and risk profile.

Social Security & Medicare Analysis

Maximize your Social Security income and coordinate Medicare with your existing health coverage.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Protect and transfer your assets as you desire and give to causes that you care about.

Tax Planning

Implement a tax-efficient strategy and explore ways to lower your current or future tax burden.

Our Planning Process

1. Engage

We learn more about you and address any questions about our services, fees, and philosophy to ensure we’re a mutual fit.

2. Discover

We explore your values, goals, concerns, and money history to better understand where you are and what you want to achieve.

3. Develop

We analyze your current course of action and any potential alternative courses of action to help us develop solutions to meet your goals.

4. Recommend

We discuss our findings, explain your options, and present actionable strategies and steps to apply our recommendations.

5. Implement

We begin by implementing 1 or 2 recommended ideas that can help create an immediate impact on your financial life.

6. Support

We develop a schedule to implement the remaining plan ideas and provide ongoing guidance, feedback, and monitoring.