FEGLI: Understanding Your Options At Retirement

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Retirees of the federal government are eligible to participate in the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program. In this second of two articles about FEGLI, we discuss how FEGLI…
FEGLI Life Insurance

FEGLI: Understanding Your Options – Part 1

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As a federal employee, you are eligible for Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI). This benefit consists of Basic life insurance protection and three Optional coverages. This article provides an…
Medicare and FEHB

Who Pays First: How Medicare Works With FEHB, TRICARE & VA

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Given that health care can be one of the biggest expenses a person faces as he or she ages, it’s important to understand how Medicare factors into those costs and…
Medicare Parts and Enrollment

Medicare Essentials: Eligibility, Parts & Enrollment

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Over 3.5 million people become eligible for Medicare every year. If you or a family member is currently eligible or will soon become eligible for Medicare, this article will help…
Federal Annual Leave

How Will Unused Annual Leave Payout at Retirement

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When you retire or separate from federal service, your unused annual leave is paid as a lump-sum payment. Since the processing time to receive full retirement benefits may take a…
Federal Sick Leave

How Is Federal Sick Leave Applied at Retirement

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As a full-time federal employee, you are able to accrue 104 hours of sick leave every year. While the primary purpose of sick leave is to provide short-term income protection…
FERS Annuity Supplement

FERS Annuity Supplement: 5 Common Questions Answered

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The FERS annuity supplement, also called the Special Retirement Supplement or SRS, is a valuable benefit for federal employees who plan to retire before the age 62. The supplement is…