Stay Financially Fit

Financial education is not a luxury – it is a necessary tool to help people of all ages advance their financial well-being. At Fedway, we integrate financial education into everything that we do. We actively weave it into our financial planning and investment management conversations, and we offer educational content and workshops on a variety of financial topics.

Our webinars and workshops can be customized for groups of different sizes and knowledge levels. We utilize strategies that appeal to diverse learning styles and we teach in a common language that is easy to understand and apply. Our events equip and empower attendees to manage their financial life with greater confidence.

Institutional Partners

We host education and training events for employees and members of the following types of organizations:

Governmental Agencies

Professional Associations

Credit Unions

Churches & Civic Groups

Are you an organization looking for a way to help your employees or members better understand money basics, retirement planning, or government benefits?
If so….

Are you an individual looking to strengthen your knowledge about managing your money, planning for retirement, or getting the most out of your benefits?
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